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About Little School in Fryeburg...

Little School in Fryeburg Maine; Curative Education


What is Waldorf Education: Little School in Fryeburg Maine


One Room School House, Primary Ed, Learning Difficulty:Little School in Fryeburg Maine



Therapeutic Movement: Little School in Fryeburg Maine


How We Heal at Little School

Our One-Room Schoolhouse allows for individual pacing in development and learning. We envisioned this environment so students can have the joy and satisfaction from their own achievements.

The program’s mission is to educate, heal and inspire children by bringing to life the curative education as described by Rudolf Steiner. With hands-on experience on the farm and in nature, handcrafting and artistic activities - the teaching material will be guided by Waldorf curriculum and gained directly from life on the farm.

The program is beneficial to any child and our daily and weekly schedule is simple and focused. Through daily walks, movement lessons, handwork, and work on the farm the senses and the body are exercised, perceptions sharpened and enriched. Our small size and the focus on the whole child will support everyone and will help children overcome deep learning challenges if they are present.

Assignments are individualized to the child’s age and ability. By doing so, it allows the children to be successful and the joy gained from it will become a motivation for future progress.

We cultivate enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity, while also holding the students to their highest potentials.

To launch this program we will be a very small, truly family size group of 5-7 children and two teachers.

This year we welcome children ages 5 through 6th grade, and adding grades 7 and 8, growing together with children.

Every education is self-education, and as teachers, we can only provide the environment for children's self-education”

- Rudolf Steiner

Or Has Difficulties With: 

  • Lack of stillness

  • Aggression

  • Concentration

  • Anger/frustration

  • Sleep

  • Destructive behavior 

  • Obsessions

  • Walking on toes

  • Talking to ones self

  • Arm flapping

  • Cannot pronounce sounds/words

  • Monotonous voice

  • High pitch speech

  • Oppositional

  • Falls apart in transitions

  • Crying/Clinginess

  • Hitting

  • Fearful

  • Disrespectful

  • Sexual acting out

My Child Was Diagnosed With: 

  • Autism

  •  Asperger

  • ADD

  • ADHD

  • ODD

  • Bipolar

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Failure to thrive

  • Dyslexia

  • Auditory processing

  • Brain trauma

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