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About Olga Malloy: Therapeutic Movement: Little School in Fryeburg, Maine

About Olga Malloy 

Olga Malloy, Founder: Therapeutic Movement: Little School in Fryeburg, Maine

Founder, Director and Educator 

Olga Malloy

I started my educational career in 1991 when I earned a Master of Science degree in Physics at the Dnepropetrovsk State University, Ukraine. Following graduation, I conducted research in various fields of physics and taught courses for undergraduate and middle school students at the Tel-Aviv University in Israel. Yet, I deeply believed that


education must spring from interactions with nature and real-life experiences, which the academic environment, as well as the public school system, was missing. Looking for the ways to meaningfully integrate the benefits from interactions with the mysteries and challenges of the natural world into my teaching, In 2010 I discovered the works of Rudolf Steiner. Resonating deeply with his pedagogical principles, I decided to devote myself to Waldorf education and completed Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training in 2015. Through my experiences of working with children in different settings, from Early Childhood through the grades, I observed children whose needs could not be met in regular classrooms.


Much too often the attempts to help them are ending in naming the behaviors and symptoms these children experience as a result of their condition. Much too often their “shortcomings” become the focus of our attention and hinder us and others from what truly matters. In 2018 my quest for finding ways to assist such children in their development and learning brought me to Robin Brown’s work in Santa Rosa, CA. I learned that through curative education, described by Rudolf Steiner in his Curative lectures, many children have been able to return to a large classroom without significant difficulties and ready to take up their work academically and socially. Under her guidance, I began studying and utilizing this approach in my teaching. Today, I am creating Little School in Fryeburg to explore and bring to life improved and deepened ways of assisting children in their development and learning. Here each child will get the opportunity to succeed at their own pace and experience their own capacities at their best.

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