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Our Mission

We bring to life an education that honors the innate genius in each child. We inspire each student towards their best selves and clear the path of obstacles that may cause learning, developmental or behavioral difficulties. Education should bring joy, and it’s our mission to make that a reality.

Our Vision

Our small size and the focus on the whole being of the child is beneficial to everyone. Children receive Waldorf Education tailored for their own time schedule. We want them to succeed at their own pace and experience their capacities at the best. In addition to the full spectrum of Waldorf pedagogy and methodology, we work out Rudolf Steiner's Curative approach to education. Daily walks, therapeutic movement and games lessons, manual arts, artistic activities and work on the farm exercise the senses and the body, sharpen and enrich perceptions.  This allows meeting children where they are in their learning and development, helping children overcome deep learning challenges if they are present.

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