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By D. Masaro, Celebrating Mealtime: The Snack Table

It’s all about presentation”—this common quote is not only true when it comes to the way that we present the snack and meal to the children, but the presentation of the snack table itself. The snack table should be beckoning, comforting, and inspiring. It should welcome the children and make them feel at home as well as nourish their imagination. Whenever possible, a natural wooden table should be used. Depending on the size and structure of the classroom, one will need to decide what shape of table will best fit the classroom. Attention must be paid to the height of the table and chairs and personal space as well; a comfortable snugness is fine, but one must avoid crowding—no one likes to feel squished when eating a meal. The snack table should obviously be clean and free of clutter, but may also be decorated with a small and appropriate centerpiece that can change with the seasons. Many classrooms also have a wonderful cluster of hanging branches over the table where delightful things can be hung such as leaf fairies in the fall, snowflakes and angels in the winter, flowers and colored eggs in the spring, etc. These added touches will not only make the snack table more attractive to the children, but a child’s imagination can also be nourished with the many stories that can be created from these simple objects. Teachers may also incorporate the decorative objects into a mealtime story to help children quiet down and stay settled before or after mealtime. It goes without saying that the snack table is just as important as the snack itself.

Daniela Masaro is a certified Waldorf Early Childhood Educator and a freelance writer from Toronto, Canada.

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