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By Daniela Masaro: Blessings and Grace

The snack blessing is a perfect way to teach a child gratitude and reverence. Giving thanks for the foods we eat, the farmers who grew them, the cook who prepared the meal, and the divine source that made it all possible is an important part of the ritual of mealtime. In Seven Times the Sun, Shea Darian writes that, “when we enter into prayer together and recognize the Divine Spirit among us, the effect is liberating,” and that, “saying grace becomes an invitation to showing grace to all around the table.” The lighting of a candle is a way of inviting this Divine Spirit to the table in a subtle way the children can understand. The reciting of grace itself can be expressed through a common prayer, a verse and even a song. It is important that these blessings be repeated each day to allow the children to fully live into them and so that the children can learn them in order to participate in the saying of grace. Holding hands during grace creates a feeling of community and togetherness and unites the energy at the table. Moments of silence at the table are also important for they allow a quiet and calmness to envelop the children in a protective and nurturing way. Teachers who are trained in energy healing modalities such as reiki and pranic healing may also wish to infuse the foods being prepared with their own special blessings and healing life force energy to make them even more nourishing for the children. Whatever method is used, it is extremely important to exhibit a sense of gratitude for every meal shared together, no matter how great or small.

Concluding Thoughts On a personal note, I strongly feel that teachers need to honor the importance of mealtime every day not only for the sake of the children, but for their own. It is during this time that teachers are fully able to wrap their loving and nurturing etheric energy around every child at once. The encompassing embrace that is felt at the snack table is palpable and it is this essence that makes mealtime so very special and a true celebration of everything we are and everything we do, each and every day.

Daniela’s Grace

Dear Mother Earth and Father Sun, We thank you for the food that’s come From seed and plant and fruit and tree. For this, we give out thanks to thee. Blessings on the meal!

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