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What’s Cooking?

From a holistic view of nourishment, food is so much more than the physical or chemical appearance of what we eat. Food should not only fill the stomach, but it should also stimulate the human organism and activate it into a state of agility. Real nutrition is invigorating. Among some other factors, this depends first of all upon the degree of “life energy” in the food product. Local and seasonal, sustainably grown foods harmonize with the environment we live in and resonate with the life forces and seasonal changes around us. It encourages a healthy relationship with nature and life itself. I use veggies and herbs from my garden or buy locally from farmers and distributors I know. For example, the lamb we serve comes from the biodynamic Earl’s farm in C.Conway. Chicken, greens, and salads purchased locally from the farmers market or in “Spice and Grain”, the milk from the neighboring organic farm, coming from the cow the students got to know in person. In the summer and fall, our own garden gives a good amount of herbs and vegetables. 

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