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Who Can Bring the Healing About?

Suppose we have difficulty remembering. What can we do to help ourselves? We write it on a piece of paper, post reminders on the walls, or better yet - have someone else remind us, like Siri. All this can be called compensation, but not healing. Real healing happens when we can remember what we need without any outside assistance. The question remains - who is the only one who can bring the healing about? Here is the logical answer-the person himself! 

What it means is that in assisting children on their path to balance we rely on their own sense of Self, or their individuality, their Interests, and the joy of life.

Working out of Rudolf Steiner’s Curative education we see each child’s individuality as a treasure trove of vitality, creativity, intelligence and that an individual’s uniqueness provides us with ways to help. An individual is never defined by the challenges he is facing.  

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