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What is Curative Education: Little School in Fryeburg, Maine

Each person walks the distinct path
as he matures and grows. The role
of the teacher is to strive to meet
each individual child on his own terms.
” (Dorothy, Alice)

What is Curative Education?

At the heart of Waldorf education lies the understanding that every person

is first of all his individuality, a treasure trove of vitality, creativity and intelligence. In other words, every human being is born with the innate capacity for inner transformation. The goal of Waldorf education is to develop a student’s ability to access his inner resources in order to transform both himself and the world around him.

To assist the teachers in this task, Rudolf Steiner described in depth how teaching directly affects the student’s inner experience (thinking, feeling and willing), down to the physiological chemistry of the child. From this point of view, education can be seen as a healing art, something that is commonly overlooked in many educational philosophies. Rudolf Steiner provided teachers with wonderful tools to understand the far-reaching health effects that educational activities can produce. This is what constitutes Waldorf pedagogy and methodology, practiced in all Waldorf schools.

Curative Education: What is Curative Education: Little School in Fryeburg, Maine

What is less known and practiced, even in the Waldorf community, is that Rudolf Steiner also gave guidelines on how to teach children with learning or developmental difficulties/disabilities. Demonstrating how our health is a manifestation of a balance between body, soul, and spirit, he described how difficulties arise and the balance becomes compromised. By discovering what stands in the way for the child, the teacher guides towards wholeness through artistic expression. All of us at times lose our inner harmony and are in need of healing, at the end of the day, it is true for everyone. Many had been helped.

This unique approach to education genuinely creates inclusive and effective classrooms, which is why we created the Little School in Fryeburg.

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